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I have heard claims that something like 50% of UFOs are in fact advanced technology government built crafts. These sources also say that the “grey” aliens gave the governments this technology, as well as others, in the 1930s-1950s.

For more information on this topic than you can imagine I’d recommend this amazing podcast!

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This thread is an interesting read!


How dare you come in here with sound logic and evidence :rofl: :rofl:



Just dust/pollen either on your phone lens or just in the air which is catching the light from the moon. Happens all the time. You don’t see them before the photo because the camera has to keep the shutter open longer to gather enough light before taking the photo. This causes the light on the small bits floating around to be captured by your camera.
Taking the same photo twice will result in different positions or no orbs as there are too many variables to consider. It’s like throwing a handful of sand in the air and taking a photo. You’ll never get the same image twice


I’ve certainly had a metaphysical encounter, but mine is explainable and documented, which kind of removes the cool and spooky factor unlike your orbs in the sky.

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For most the existence of aliens seems illogical. For others the existence of aliens seems to be the only logical answer to many questions.

The difference between the two is a willingness to accept we know nearly nothing and a desire to seek the truth. A contrarian consciousness will forever find contrary reasoning to support that which they don’t understand and one who is willing to accept something they assumed impossible will forever be shown new information resulting in an expansion of consciousness.

It is far better to “not know” than to know and not do…

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