Opinions One Drop Valor


I’m considering this yoyo. I love a good V and this throw had really got my attention. I’ve been watching a ton of Ethan Cheung videos and I noticed he was throwing alot. I’m a big fan of his slack mastery and love the design of the Valor but OD fans swear by the MMC. I see a lot of MMCs popping up on the BSTs and such but never see any Called so I’m assuming those that have them really like them. The copper is right up my alley too and the special editions look ridiculous. I know I’m gonna get one in just looking for opinions/reviews. TIA


The Valor is by far the best performing One Drop in my opinion. I also felt that it was the best American-made yoyo at the time back when it was first released.

I think the MMC is a little more popular for a few reasons. It’s newer, the Valor was pretty popular for a good while when it was released as well. The MMC also has more of a story and history behind it than the Valor because of how it was marketed and the fact that it’s Mark Montgomery’s signature and he and One Drop did a lot to hype it up before the release. It’s also a very fun and enjoyable throw to play overall.

In my opinion, and I think in many others, as of now, the Valor is the best performing OD, while the MMC is one of if not the most enjoyable OD’s to play; it definitely has a lot of character.

So with all of that in mind, make your decision based on what you’re currently looking for in a yoyo.


Valor is an incredible yoyo. Super stable and long spinning. Comfortable shape and nimble. If I could change one thing about it I’d shave off a gram or 2. I haven’t tried the MMC though


The mmc is amazing


I sold my Citizen because the Valor is so good. It is also the smoothest yoyo I own.


Preciate the feedback. New phone is killing me with the spell check. I want the Valor more but somehow Im torn. Something will happen that points me in the right direction. Just gotta be patient.