opinions on the Solenoid?

How does everyonebfeel about it? I heard it plays slightly responsive. Is this true?

probably not, I had a positron and it wasn’t responsive. Only reason it would be responsive if maybe the bearing was breaking in or something. But mine never did that.

I currently have a Positron and wanted to try out a Solenoid. But I noticed on Rewind they had a Solenoid1.1 and said they made the response area 0.1mm deeper for a less responsive feel. I was just wondering if that meant the Solenoid was giving people response issues.

I love the response on the solenoid. The binds are super tight and the gap width is perfect

But youve never had any troubles with it being responsive right? Binds tight but still plays very unresponsive?

Very, very unresponsive. Great binds. I highly recommend it.

As far as I know, the Solenoid 1.1 isn’t ‘less responsive’ but rather less snappy on the binds. The binds are still very tight. I’d say get either and enjoy.


I personally love the feeling of binds on the solenoid. Very tight binds

I have a Solenoid. The Solenoid is a completely unresponsive modern yoyo. The only way to make it responsive would be to give it super-thick response pads that protrude up out of the response-groove.

The Solenoid is an all-around awesome yoyo. It is my favorite Turning Point. It is the Turning Point equivalent of the CLYW Avalanche. It is a big, fat beast that is capable of doing whatever you want to throw at it. It has heavy rims that spin long and stable as well as the center weight to give great stability and spin through long combos.

Fast or slow, the Solenoid can chop any trick. If you want to pick a first TP - the Solenoid is Great choice.

Its actually my 3rd Turning Point. I picked one up on black friday for $150! :smiley: cant wait for it to get here!

I think the Solenoid 1.1 was my first Turning Point. Absolutely sold me on the brand.