Opinions of Anglam CC's "Secret Metal"?


Personally I just think its 7075 weight rings. They did it on the Berserker so I dont see why they wouldnt do it on the Anglam CC, on the Berserker they said something like “the rings are made out of the same material that they use in hanglider frames” Then they told us it was just 7075 Aluminum when people asked. I really think Something could have said something like that about the weight rings on the Anglam CC rather than “a SUPER SECRET METAL” which is stupid. There is no reason for it to be a secret, its not like its something that the government is experimenting with and can become radioactive or neuclear if you do this or that to it hahah.

I think Something just used the “secret material” thing on the Anglam CC to throw people off and get them to think about what metal when really I think its just 7075 Alu. My next guess would be 2017 Alu, but I think that its an Aluminum yoyo with aluminum weight rings.

Correct me if Im wrong, or put your own opinions of what you think the “secret metal” is, I think its just like the Berserker with 7075 weight rings, but I could be wrong.


99,99% scandium

No, honestly, it rocks, I have no clue what this metal is, but that’s all that matters to me :slight_smile: