HELP!!!!! Anglam vs Anglam CC


Hi everyone,
Just wanted to know your thoughts on which one you think is the best. Also, which plays faster, which is more solid, which is more floaty, which is better for 5a and horizontal play and which is more competition ready? I know the Anglam has titanium weight rings, and the Anglam CC has other weight rings (I heard that they are made of 7075 Aluminium please tell me if I am right or not), but the Anglam CC apparently has a shape that’s better for horizontal play. Urgent help is appreciated.




I don’t have either yet. I have a Anglam on the way, and would like to ad a CC as well.

I don’t understand why anyone would use titanium as a weight ring since is so light, but, the reviews are so strong, and it is beautiful, so I have to try one for myself.

Good luck getting enough opinions for this one. How many people out there have both?