Anglam CC

When does Anglam ver. CC come out in YYE? The original Anglam is so expensive, but the CC is much more cheap, I think. Anyways will it be sold in YYE? Where else do they sell this yoyo?

I’m pretty sure they’re only cheaper because it’s Christopher’s edition, and not Mickey’s

Really? I thought it was because the CC edition did not have titanium rings, they were made of something else.

Yeah, rings made of 7071 aluminium like on the Beserker. Retailing at $210 on another online store.


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In which online store does it sell?


not allowed to say. At yoyoexpert, we keep it yoyoexpert.

EDIT: -Billy-bob’s bait and Tackle :wink:

It is sold out already.

Take a deep breath & I’m positive you will find them at YYE really shortly.