Opinion on the original Avante Garde

What do you guys think about the original Avante Garde?

Super stable, but really really slow.

not sure what “slow” this person is talking about.

i have 3 and i love them. they feel heavier that most other throws while playing but they perform just as good as any of my others.

how is the avante garde compared to the version 2?

I don’t have the avant garde 2. from what I’ve seen around here / talking to people is that it isn’t as good as the original

I have the original and I have played the new one. I personally prefer the original over the new avant garde. Dont get me wrong the new one is a really cool yoyo but not an everyday throw. The original is much more of an everyday throw

How would you compare it to an Alamode?

I love mine and it plays superb. its not the fastest but its stable. the 2 plays smooth long sleep time better throwhand grinds, if you were to get the 2 just save and get a cliff if you get the 1 get it make sure the price is good through