Opinion on the bear v man?

how do you guys feel about it, etc?

Fantastic throw… It feels great. If you even have the opportunity and the money to pick one up, by all means get one.

lol i have one…an ogopogo edition. buti see that a lot of ppl don’t like en.

i’m a big fan. can’t explain it, it just feels nice.

Ever tried a yomega maverick/ dash?..

That is all.

I really like mine. I guess it doesnt fit some peoples preferences, but I think it is a great yoyo.

look at my fav. yoyo

The BvM was one of my second CLYW’s. I haven’t been playing any of my CLYW’s much lately with the exception of the AC since it’s new and I am really getting to know it.

Still, going back, the BvM is nice and smooth and if you’re int that shape, it’s sweet! Comfortable, solid, stable, a joy to throw.