Opinion on the bear v man?


how do you guys feel about it, etc?

(SR) #2

Fantastic throw… It feels great. If you even have the opportunity and the money to pick one up, by all means get one.


lol i have one…an ogopogo edition. buti see that a lot of ppl don’t like en.


i’m a big fan. can’t explain it, it just feels nice.


Ever tried a yomega maverick/ dash?..

That is all.


I really like mine. I guess it doesnt fit some peoples preferences, but I think it is a great yoyo.


look at my fav. yoyo


The BvM was one of my second CLYW’s. I haven’t been playing any of my CLYW’s much lately with the exception of the AC since it’s new and I am really getting to know it.

Still, going back, the BvM is nice and smooth and if you’re int that shape, it’s sweet! Comfortable, solid, stable, a joy to throw.