opening a bearing

hi any tips on opening a bearing? i can’t get the c clip thingy off

use a pin to take it out by prying it into the small groove at the edge of the bearing. its pretty annoying but if you keep tryin itll come off. if your plannin on washin the bearing soap and water = bad

k thanks no i wasn’t gonna do that but thanx anyway

May I ask why do you want to remove the shields?

this vid should help:

I tried cleaning a stainless steel bearing with dishwashing liquid and water and it worked!

usa a needle to pry it open

You can clean it with the shields on.

Well that was helpful.

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i use a razor blade and run it along the inside of the shield careful though. taking one off should work. at least that is what i do to my yoyos.

I have one KK bearing where one side is impossible to remove until the other side’s shield is off. Try both sides - sometimes one will come off with less effort.