Open string whip 4A

Having such a hard time landing this. I’ve landed it 5 times. However, I can’t land it consistently. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I can hit the string into the groove and I hear it grinding the bearing, but it just falls and doesn’t bind up. I have tried throwing it harder to get more spin on it. I have tried whipping my arm harder also.

There is really no right answer. On my journey to mastering this trick I tried a variety of yoyos and string combinations. What yoyo are you using? It does make a difference, some bind easier than others.

Duncan skyhawk

When the string is about to hit the yoyo, your hand should be moving up. When the slack hits the yoyo, move your hand quickly down then back up quickly.

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Thanks! will try it

Good luck

I have vowed that this is the first trick I will learn when I get my Equinoxes in the mail, right after the basic throw. This may be unrealistic, I’m not sure, but it’s my goal.

It’s also easier if you hit the yoyo before it starts to fall or gain acceleration. The falling force causes the string to slip off

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