I was putting silicone in my dv888 and I accidentally got a bit of silicone on the actual bearing. I don’t know what to do… I’m hoping it’ll just wear away, but want to make sure…

on a side note, how LONG is silicone supposed to last? It’s only been lasting about a week and then wearing completely away. It’s not popping out, just getting worn away. How long is it normally spposed to last?


You can try soaking the bearing in vinegar for a couple of hours, then give it a good cleaning with lighter fluid or mineral spirits. Be sure and remove the shields. You may have to pick the chunks out with a toothpick or other tool. Vinegar is primarily ascetic acid which is a solvent for silicone.

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Actually denatured alcohol would work instead of mineral Spirits or Lighter Fluid.


One good thing to do is to remove the bearing completely from the yoyo when you silicone, that way there’s no risk of that happening again.

The length of time the silicone last depends on the type you use. I mainly use RTV Silicone. The blue RTV can last from a week to 2 months, depending on how much you play. The red lasts much longer, I’ve gotten 6 months so far. As for other types of silicone, I’m not too familiar. I stick with Red since it works for me.


Yeah, it’s just that it’s stuck on there and I don’t have a bearing remover :x. Silly, I know, but I’ve done it fore with little issue :confused:


Grasp the bearing lightly with a pliers and gently rock it as you pull on it.