is ooch good at yoyos can he compete with the other yoyoers. For those who dont know who he is …
Well, his real name is - ready for this, can you pronounce it? - Brett Outchcunis! Well, anyway, Brett or “Ooch!” as we will call him from now on, is the face, voice and spirit of Yomega and as official in-house demonstrator / Team Yomega coach for over 9 years.

Brett, oops - I mean Ooch!, is one of the most popular figures in the yo-yo community and is the head of Ooch’s crew - a cool subsection of the new Team Yomega skill program.

What else does he do you ask? Well, Ooch! is also the star of the Yomega Zone and Power of Yo video and if he’s not here at the office communicating to his fans the world over, he is out on the road demonstrating and teaching new yoers.