who is the leader for Team Yomega (OOCH)???
who is the leader for YYJ???
who is the leader for YYF???


Do you mean owners? If so yoyofactory is Ben Mcphee and yoyojam is Dale Bell.


I mean like who is the best on each team


There is no best player on each team it is who you think is cool and good.
yoyofactory= Gentry Stein
Yoyojam= Alex Lee
Yomega= I don’t know anyone on there


He’s right. Best has nothing to do with winning contests.

If you want to know who the team members are or who the team captains are look on their prospective websites. Do a little research on your own.

(Edmeister) #6

If your talking about Leaders?
Their is none.
I mean yes there are people who CREATED The company and some who Lead the team.

For Yomega

Ooch is pretty much one of the leader’s but he did not create it the company.
Robb Kitt’s is the owner of Yomega

Ben Mcphee is the Owner of Yoyofactory

for Yoyojam Audrey is one of the leader’s But Dale Bell created yoyojam

(Jei Cheetah) #7

To answer who is one of the best yomega throwers, I would have to mention Ryo Yamashita. The guy got 3rd at worlds. And has incredible style.


Holy wowzers!! Rob Kitts owns Bandai?
Please don’t give information you aren’t sure about. Bandai is a huge company that has been around long before Rob Kitts was born.

(Edmeister) #9

Oh really?
I was told hes part of yomega as one of the tops…


nope. he just works for them I think.


i think yomega was founded in the mid 80’s, so I don’t think Kitts owns it, just saying…sorry if I got the decade wrong, but I’m fairly certain it’s the 80’s.


Alan Amaral us the CEO of Yomega, Hans is co-owner of yyf, and isn’t André team captan of yyj?


Andre was. He has moved on considering his business and the fact that he thought it was time for someone else to take his place.


I believe Nathan Crissey is now captain of team YYJ.