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I’ll go ahead and post my video here now that the contest has wrapped up. This was a ton of fun. I wish I found out about this earlier so I could have done a couple of other things, but my whole family helped out and that was cool. I figured I would try this contest since it wasn’t judged solely on skill (which I have very little of) and more on impersonation!

Here is Augie’s Video

Here is our impersonation.

Seriously awesome video, man! Really cool that you got everyone involved!

Thanks. I tried to do the best I could with my limited skill and time but I was very happy with it. I figured it was going to be between me and Alex as it seemed like both of ours were the closest to impersonating someone. So i’m glad it was Alex that won. Even though now I know I’m going to hear it from my wife for spending so much time doing this and nothing to show for it…D’oh! lol.

Actually I just told her and she said “Tony” it is time to hang up Yoyo’ing it just isn’t working out for you! ha! But seriously I enjoyed being apart of it and it was fun to get my kids involved with it.