OneStars for 3A VS Gem Series PSGs for 3A ?


Would a pair of OneStars be good for 3A? Would you recommend this over a pair of Gem Series PSGs?
For 3A I could do Velvet Rolls and Blue Line Mount only right now >.< I want to learn more and get into advanced 3A :smiley:

P.S. If you can get a video of OneStars or Gem Series PSGs being used for 3A please post it :smiley:

(UmeNagisa) #2

Don’t bother. the light weight makes it terrible for 3a.
I’ve tried. Its a shame!
I’d say go for Surges, or upgraded classics.
The Psgs are more or less mediocre.


I feel that in 3A you should have something really heavy.

Maybe look at the Counter Attack.

Surge would work perfect though.

(UmeNagisa) #4

Not true. If it’s too heavy, you tire out easily. You need to make sure it has a hefty spin.
Otherwise, 3a will be near impossible.
Surges would work wonders indeed.
the counter attack is too highwalled for 3A.


I would say a pair of PSG’s, preferably a pair PSG GEMs would be ideal.

I feel the OneStar is just too light.

Other cost-effective models would be upgraded Classics, YYJ Surge and maybe even the Alpha Crash.

Even though I lean heavily towards YYJ for a lot of my recommendations, I am actually gonna stand firm on the PSG Gem as my recommendation. I am probably going to get a PSG and PSG GEm soon, as I already have one of each. I need pairs of these.

Otherwise, I’d say step up to the Chaser, Protostar, Northstar, Speeder 2, or DM2 as some choices. I think the DM2 would kind of be not quite as ideal as far as the shape, but could be done.


The surge is Heavier than the Counter Attack.


PSG definitely it so much better than the onestar and cheaper too.

(UmeNagisa) #8

But, The Counter attack is much slower than the surge, and is high walled.
Not as stable :slight_smile:


K guys Im gonna get a pair of PSGs, when ill get better will probably get a pair of either YYJ Chasers, YYF Protostars, God Tricks Cyclones, or maybe a pair of Yoyofficer Auras, or some other metals :smiley: (Most likely the Chasers and Auras cuz they’re pretty good for 1A too :D)



You’re right, the surge IS better, but I thought the counter attack was stable I guess


Cyclones are great for both beginner and advanced 3a play. In fact I have two pairs (one for practicing/learning and one for performance).

(WildCat23) #12

I have Gem PSG’s for 3a…


Nevermind ill get Chasers instead a pair of Gem series psgs :stuck_out_tongue:



I still think the PSG Gem series would be the better choice though.