Onestar vs. Champions Edition Onestar


I am aware that these are the same yoyo. Does the CT bearing affect play? If so how. Is the CT a good bearing? How does the yoyo play differently with a normal SPEC opposed to a CT?


I like the shape of the CT bearing. It has wings on each side to stop the string contacting the response area but the string doesn’t bunch up like a koncave.


The CT barely makes a difference.

You should really look into a bearing such as the twisted trifecta.


Also what is it made out of?


CT bearing is made of stainless steel I believe.

I much prefer CT bearings to regular flat bearings. Shame the Champions Collection OneStars only come in two unappealing colours with ugly side cap art. The WBD OneStar is a good option if you like black.


The black OneStar does look nice. But what does WBD mean?


I don’t know but it is the Japan version


WBD stands for Word, Bar, Dots. It’s pretty much what’s on the yoyo: the YYF logo in words, the YYF bar logo and the YYF dot logo.



Thanks for that info!! :wink:


@Yuki thanks for enlightening us.

But how does a CT affect the play of this yoyo.


CTs give the yoyo a slightly longer spin time, helps when your doing combos…


But how does CT version play vs. flat bearing version? Also what is this yoyo made out of?


The CT bearing makes it spin longer which helps with combos and the yoyo is made of celcon


Lets just clear things up.

Normal OneStar: nice, cheap plastic yoyo,


Just had to get that across.


With the CT bearing, it will spin longer on straight throws IF you’re playing cleanly too. Typical center-trak stuff. I have no issue with flat bearings.

The yoyo is made out of celcon, which is like an injection molded delrin. They are similar but different.

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One difference I found in our stores, it seems Champion collection(pink one) has more problems with breaking bearing seat. But it can be just coincidence.


So which plays better?

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In stock form, Champions edition plays better. If you get concave or CT for standard, they play same.

To confuse you guys even more, B-grades released at EYYC plays even ebtter and are slightly different in specs :slight_smile:


It’s probably due to the specs being off a bit that made them have to label them as B-grades.

I’ve played a released OneStar and a Champions Edition. I think the pre-release one I got at BAC 2012 outplays both of those. Maybe it’s specs are a touch off as well? When were these EYYC B-grades sold? Was this 2012 or 2013? I’m wondering if they were part of the pre-release batch as well.


What’s a B-grade?