Are curved bearings worth getting?

Do they change much? i feel like they would be so essential for most yoyo players to have one

but what does it even change?

and the recrevz have indents where the string goes

do these change much?

they seem so good to have but is it really worth it?

i will buy if they are essential enough

Oh boy here we go…


100% unnecessary but helps those with sloppy play

Even if u don’t have sloppy play it sucks when the string is rubbing against ur response pads.

Probably going to have a lot of people disagree with me but…

Profiled bearings DO offer performance enhancements, specifically longer spin times and increased stability. They are not NECESSARY at all, and for the most part any trick that can be done on a profiled bearing can be done on a flat bearing.

Typically, the higher your level of play, the more you’ll notice a difference. A majority of top level competitive players use profiled bearings for good reasons.

Some people would recommend avoiding profiled bearings when you’re starting out yoyoing, believing that they make your play sloppy, because you have been “pampered”. I don’t necessarily agree with this, as I don’t see there really being any difference in how you learn on a profiled vs. a flat bearing.

Feel free to try both. You might find that you prefer a flat bearing, and you might find that you prefer a profiled bearing.


For hardcore competition Profiled Bearings, but when I’m just throwing flat bearings give the yoyo a smoother feel or something. I really like flat.

I completely agree with you.

Seeing as you have a shutter, I’m gonna say a Center trac bearing would help you out quite a bit.
I feel it makes horizontal play easier aswell.

With my flat bearing sometimes when I throw the string is screaming on the response I like that sound but it seems like it is detrimental to performance. I hold the yoyo up and look at it and see that the string is not centered on the axle but it’s off to the side. I don’t like that.

Curved bearings have some benefits and drawbacks. They do make your yoyo longer spinning/more stable, however, depending on the type of trick you do, I have noticed a bit of increased snagging. Another thing they do, depending on which bearing you use, is change the feel of the yoyo. I have found that they often. Make a yoyo feel heavier, or sometimes just “different” in a way that can’t be explained. I have found that in most yoyos, they are in no way necessary. I prefer to play without them, I feel like the yoyo plays like it was most meant to with a flat bearing.

Call me a fanboy but the Terrapin Wingcut bearings are the closest thing to having both a flat and profiled bearing with a very small cut the initially keeps the string centered but can still move around like a flat.

I do agree that some of them can cause the string to snag but I think the benefits of a good bearing out weigh the drawbacks.

In the end a good bearing (flat or profiled) is worth its weight in…(not gold cause 2 grams are like $80?) but it does make a pretty big difference (almost as much as the yoyo itself and how they play).

Profiled bearings are the only way to go, unless you enjoy precession and the yoyo having the ability to tilt a lot easier. It just makes throwing seamless to the point where i can just enjoy tricks without thinking too much about the gear and how its working

I don’t know if I’m just sloppy or not, but I do find that the yoyo tilts more often when I started playing with a flat bearing. And it’s terribly annoying when the string rubs against the response. That’s just me though. HAHA.

It’s all preference. Profiled bearings are modern and have there purpose.

But the cool kids go flat. Makes them hardcore. Like my fathers flip phone. Try to get him to upgrade every time I visit him

Nuttin wrong wit flip phones. Take mine everywhere.

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Bag phone FTW :wink:

If you have never tried one… go for it.

My bearing preference depends on the yoyo im using… some yo’s i like flat bearing others i do not.

I perfer curved bearings its nice, it keeps the string centered which I perfer IMO I like center tracks over konkaves for me the kk was not worth the price I got more for my money with the ctx and ct’s


Depends on the one you get.
Some are just for beginners and some are for competition…

From 2010 until somewhat recently I would’ve said OD 10ball all the way. Right now there are 6 yoyos I’ve been throwing regularly for a while. 5 have a curved bearing in them (it’s also the stock bearing), one has a OD 10ball (switched from the stock Crucial grooved because I hated it). The YYR bearings seem fantastic and CT/CTX have really grown on me. Prior to liking these two I enjoyed a ceramic KK in a few of my throws.

That said, no, curved bearings aren’t really worth getting. Regardless of what it is, the stock bearing is just fine. The only bearings I actively dislike are actual grooved bearings, I’m sure some people prefer them and they do play okay…I just prefer anything else.

The only bearings I’d really consider purchasing retail at the moment would be CTX and that is only because YYE has the sticker pack deal thing with them for $5 with any YYF throw…and there are 0 YYF throws I’m considering purchasing at the moment. I highly doubt I’ll purchase another fancy $10+ bearing any time soon, although I would love to try the Gold CT since I’ve read great things.