OneDrop Sovereign (XIX)


Selling my best collection yoyo. Titanium !! Number 19 ! Cool one. Box mint. Never touching g-strings and novus. And sure never make a Spark with this yoyo. Really clean one !!

The complete package !!

Just offer please !

Anybody want to ask a question about yoyo send PM or add me in Facebook (“Gökten Uzuner”)

Thank you !

Gokten Uzuner

Up up !!

Up !

Do you still trade? I am from Bulgaria and I would like to buy it from you!

To late, it is mine! I bought it last week, and it’s on it’s way to the US. ;D

You’re so lucky!!!:slight_smile:

Not lucky. Crazy. I offered him a lot to get it.

Its gone ! Sovereigh have a new home !
Thank you Rob !