OneDrop SK

Is it just me or do people not like the OneDrop SK? I’ve seen a lot of people say they’re not into it.
Never had a chance to use one. What are everyone’s opinions on them outside the B/S/T?

The SK is weird for me. I’ll think I’m not into it; play it and be into it. And then completely forget how it played. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I had one and sold it on the BST. I didn’t hate it, it just didn’t feel special enough to keep it. I see a LOT of them on BST pretty regularly which tells me others felt the same.

I’ve noticed that if you see the same model of throw on BST consistently being sold off it’s probably safe to say that’s a yoyo that didn’t quite hit the mark with the community in general. That’s been a pretty good guide for me to know whether a yoyo is a winner or not. By contrast, if a yoyo rarely shows up on the BST and gets snapped up immediately when they do (like the Grail) there’s probably a reason for that as well.

BST is a really good barometer for the general user opinions about yoyos when looked at collectively. In the current state where every review video pretty much calls every yoyo awesome, it’s nice to get that kind of real feedback about the “not so greats”.


I’ll think I’m not into it; play it and be into it. And then completely forget how it played.

Think I kinda got that going with the 54. Odd yoyo.

I didn’t hate it, it just didn’t feel special enough to keep it.

Oh I certainly didn’t mean “hate”, just “not like”.

You shouldn’t just use the speed a yoyo is bought on the BST as a raw estimate of quality though, often rare yoyos that might not be that good will get bought pretty quickly anyway.


Yeah I was just stating my own opinion. I would say it felt very average to me.

And while I agree that speed of sale on BST is not a measure of quality, it DEFINITELY is a measure of desirability. So if you see modern yoyos like the Grail get picked up right away on a consistent basis at full retail value, that typically indicates that is a fire throw. If you see a modern yoyo model consistently being sold by multiple people at below retail value and the sales stay up for a day or so, that probably indicates the yoyo isn’t that special. That’s all I’m saying. I see SK on BST at below retail value on the reg right now.


Oh yeah - price! Didn’t think of that. :woman_facepalming: Yes, price can be a very good indicator of quality on a new release on the B/S/T.


I think that seeing it on the BST for cheaper than retail is more of an indicator that the supplywas close to or greater than demand. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad yoyo. It’s actually a rare yoyo that can sell for retail or higher.


Exactky how I felt about it. I have owned two of them. They were both glass smooth, no nail vibe, no string vibe. They performed really well, they were comfy in the hand. There’s just something peculiar about it… It wasn’t spectacular, but it wasn’t terrible either. Just an all around decent yoyo.


I love the SK. Probably one of the smoothest yoyos I have. It feels more like an SF yoyo than a 1 drop… so it’s the only 1drop of mine with a centering bearing.


I felt the same way. It’s not a bad yoyo by any means, it just didn’t add anything particularly unique or special to my collection to keep it around. I will say that the finish was excellent though. I had the concrete gray looking color, and it had a very nice textured blast.


I enjoy my SK! Favorite thing about the SK is the fingerspin cup. It can be both centering and dynamic depending on the angle. Fits well in the pocket too!


The One Drop + SF collabed SK (Shawn & Kyle?) rocks.
Awesome price point, always super smooth. Seems like they’ll take a beating and keep on going smooth.

I think the reason there are many on the BST is that well, there are a lot out there.

When these were first dropped they sold out with the quickness.

Should at least have one in your collection.


I really like mine. Fun for fingerspins, plays nice and zippy. I havnt picked it up in about 4 months though, so maybe I dont like it as much as I think lol.


I like mine. It’s not my favorite, but I’ve had it about 9 months and still reach for it…mainly if I’m taking one to work or somewhere. If it gets messed up, I can likely replace it fairly easily.


Part of it might also be supply. One Drop if I’m not mistaken did a lot of runs of the SK.

Yup same. Glad I have mine and planning to hang onto it but it’s often overshadowed by other throws.


I love mine honestly. It reminds me of a heftier horizon. It’s not too heAvy on the string but you can feel the stability. All my bi metals feel much heavier on string this just feels strong. It’s dead smooth. The finish is amazing. The finger cup and grinds are top tier. It’s a unique fun bc it’s almost heavy but not too heavy it’s strong in a good way which you see in its durability. It’s not floaty it’s not fast that’s why people say it’s just average but I think there’s and we’re to getting a Yoyo to feel just like a Yoyo. There’s a magic there and sf nails it everytime that’s why i love them.

So if you take that sf factor of just making yo-yos that feel like yoyos

Mix it with the durability OD is known for.

Throw is on a slim profile, perfect for pocket throw size that catches tricks cuz of that shape + finger cup. You get the SK !!! Whoever said everyone needs one does indeed it’s a perfect sturdy down the line fun throw


Currently trying to sell off a few throws and I can’t decide on the SF and the SK which to sell or keep. It’s a really hard decision bc I like them both but neither get the attention they should as I’ve been buying throws like crazy. Truly a hard decision. So if you think the SF is fun. the SK is equal in fun just different.