OneDrop flow groove

Hello everyone, new to the forum. I’ve got a question about the Markmont. Next response system. I really love the binds I’m getting from the response pads that came with it. I know you can use flowable silicone, but I’d like to stock up on the pads. Only problem is I can’t find them- anywhere. Does anyone know where these would be in stock, or what would be a suitable replacement? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

There are currently none in the YYE store but that should change soon. YYE always keeps up with supply. I am sure more are on the way soon!!! In the meantime the ones in the MMN you have should last you some time!!!

IrPads make some replacement pads in the flow groove size. They’re here:

And just to nip this in the bud because this question always pops up, IrPads come in three different levels of firmness. The softer pads are grippier and tighter with binds, while the harder pads aren’t quite so grippy but last a little longer.


Thanks guys!