onedrop Dialogues


Hey kids! It’s Paul here. I’m making this thread and updating it regular with a footage of the new series we’re doing over at onedrop! Dialogues! A chance to listen to what the players of this wonderful community has to say! All sorts of people are going to be chatting! From beginners to pros alike! This is just the beginning. There will be many videos with various questions.

Why do you enjoy yoyoing?

How to get better at yoyoing




This is really cool! Im not able to get to the big contests often so it’s cool hearing what the pros have to say!


I really enjoy these, very nice change of pace to hear the players talk about stuff

(Alex Fairhurst) #4

Paul has the coolest jackets I’ve ever seen.

(Owen) #5

Members only for lyfeee

I love these dialogs so much


Updated with a session from YoYofactory team player Ibrahim Rahman!


Jordan Hacherl is back and he tells us a few ways to get better at yoyoing!


Will has only been yoyoing for a few months and he’s already creating crazy tricks! Check out his Dialogues!


Caden, Sebastian and Josh are in for todays Dialogues! Check it out below!


Brentten Adney everyone!


Local thrower Elijah Vandagrift speaking his mind in today’s Dialogues!


Brendan came by the shop and we filmed a Dialogues with him!