Need your feedback - Koi Review

Hi All, I just posted this short review on YouTube. This is not sponsored or anything, I bought this yoyo so the review is totally genuine.
I’d like to have some feedback\criticism in order to enhance this kind of videos. As you can hear, I’m not confident speaking in front of the camera and so I decided to go voice over, however I still struggle to find the right things to say and to say them properly. Thank you!
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I thought it was a good review and I’m not sure why you are worried about the talking. I wish your tutorials had some talking because I have trouble following sometimes. Would also be nice to know some tips on some of the steps. It’s nice to see reviews that aren’t being sponsored or where the reviewer has a relationship with the yoyo company.

I’m not a great thrower and definitely not a YouTube creator, but I think something is missing regarding yoyo’s if you are interested. All of YouTube is either single trick tutorials or intricate combos with little explanation because the creator is assuming you are already very good. I want to hear more about how I progress from single tricks to having nice flow like you and creating tricks. Most sports have a progression ladder that is fairly clear, but I can’t really find that in yoyo. Would love to hear about your progression from starting till now. Just my opinion and I’m loving your videos. Keep it up.


Great review. Your speaking is very smooth and clear. Great English. Definitely never enough yo-yo review content out there. Having your perspective and review thoughts is great. I know it’s a quick hitting 3 minute review, but maybe consider spending a little more time talking about the shape of the yo-yo, possibly even comparing it to other similar shaped yo-yos in your collection (if you have any to compare to). Otherwise, great job! I subscribed :smiley:


Making want a koi! Also the video was great, very good review

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Like all your videos this was top quality in every way. Don’t be so hard on your English, sounds prefect, your grammer is better then most of my friends. I think you covered all points of yoyo interest in a entertaining and concise way.


Thank you for the awesome review! We really appreciate it!
P.S A new run will be available in about a month. :smiley:


Great video

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Guys, thanks to everybody to your feedback!

@dlowry81 I can definitely see your points, the main reason why I don’t speak in most of the videos is because it takes a loooooot of time to film and edit, and then it takes the same amount of time to me to write down the speech and record it (I’m not able to speak off the cut in front of the mic).
For your second comment, progression route, I’ll keep this in consideration for future videos, Thank you so much!

@venom good point! I didn’t onw any other organic but I will keep your suggestion in mind for the future!

@AKYOYODR You’re always too kind Mike, thank you!

@Mazdarx7FD Hey Philip! nice to see you around, thank you!!

@Theycallmecotton @Ian_Bender Thank you guys!!


Really enjoy your video edit, the light composition that you make, plus your skills. Now I also enjoy your kinda russian accent, remembers me ‘the russian genius’ from YT where I learnt a lot of close up magic.

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oooo man, nobody ever mistook me for Russian! :joy: :ru:
btw, I also used to do close-up whatching that channel, great guy.
Thank you for your comment my friend, really appreciate!
I’m italian btw :grin: :it:


Hahahha I didnt think you were Russian, just the ‘kinda russian accent’.
But now makes sense, I have a Italian friend and thinking about it, it’s similar. The voice over effect extracts all the liveliness of talking with the hands.

I’m Italian too, but I have lived more than 80% of my life in south america. :wink:


I really enjoyed this review, thank you for making it!