Onedrop benchmark ideas

I always wanted a g-shape benchmark, like a clew cliff. What about you?

G shape?

I think he means Z shape.

Isn’t it called a I-beam shape?

idk but there isn’t really an official name for the shape.

I thought it was just a form of H shape. Like “steep” or “exaggerated” H-shape

Inverse round is all’t I want

moar GZR…

GZR Ed. Benchmarks would be AMAZ

7075! I was also curious what price point they could achieve without the side effects… Although SE are cool.

What is that?

orbis, apparition, queen, helium, bomber,
gradient, al5, theory, irony, nextlevel,

OK get it now. W

XD gotta love the cloudiness of the terminology of shapes. maybe a manufacturer or someone with an encyclopedia of yoyo knowledge could do a sticky about this? :shrugs: