One year retrospective

Just realized I hit the one year mark on restarting yoyo. In that time, I now have 8 unresponsive yoyos, most of which I use, one great responsive wood yoyo, a passel of awesome string, a handful of random bearings and a surplus of different yyf response pads. I’ve learned pretty much everything through the advanced section on the site, though started most of the way through intermediate, and have learned a few pieces of the advanced stuff, including some basic wrist mounts, some rejections into GTs, and kamikaze. Always seem to be working on consistency with the stuff I know, though. I have some fun with the fixie and can do some zipper stalls, regens, trapeze and 1.5 stalls, and Split the Atom. And I can land kickflips about half the time, so yay. I also got out to the PNWR in 2014 and had a lot of fun meeting some people. Looking forward to seeing what this next year brings, but it’s looking more and more intimidating with the level of tricks I’m moving into.

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your experiences so far. ;D

I’m very impressed that you can do split the atom on a fixie. I don’t even know if I could split-bottom mount on one without stalling out… :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats, sounds like it’s time for you to go to a contest. They are great fun, especially your first one.

i remember the feeling after i realized i had completed one year of serious throwing… man it seems forever ago.

I’m not even at one year yet… I hit that this January.

Yeah, and yoyo is so different now than back around 2000. I used to do fairly short string tricks on a Fireball. Loved it, but it only ever spun for so long…

That’s actually why I got good at Split the Atom. The trick with responsive/fixie really is not allowing slack in the string. Personally, I add a brain twister after the split bottom mount and it allows me to kind of sling the yoyo into the mount, over, and then into the rest of the trick. It’s very fast and allows no room for slack. It also helps that the Treehugger has some impressive spin time for a fixie.

I really should slap together a quick video of my current progress to mark the occasion. I agree with folks that it’s a pretty big milestone and, thinking back about it, I realize how much I’ve learned. Always a good reminder when you feel stuck.

Great progress! I’ll be coming up on a year myself at the end of January. Thanks for sharing your great progress! Keep throwing and having fun! :slight_smile:

Cool! I also just hit the 1 year mark. :slight_smile: I treated myself to a GZR Cascade. :slight_smile: My goal for this next year is to finish learning Expert part 2 and at least 1 master trick. :slight_smile:

Keep it up! Once you get some of the more complicated tricks down it gets easier from there.

I’m looking to really buckle down on the wrist mount stuff. There theory of it is pretty awesome and should really improve my base technique as I work on it.