44th day of throwing, tell me what you all think!

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You are progressing at an immense rate considering you have been yoyoing for 1.5 months. I recommend that along with learning new tricks, make sure to smooth out the tricks that you already know.

That CLYW will bring you far

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holy muffin cakes!1!! Get a life!!

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But seriously.
And ill defiantly be working getting my tricks smoother, thanks for the advice!

haha dude I like your response… sometimes I say things I am not sure I should go on with saying ?!

Anyways, You got talent!! Is it honestly only 1.5 months into your yoyoing career??? Honestly??? I mean holy shit… :0)

that’s like a kamehameha wave…

And yeah it is! I love every aspect of yo-yoing therefore I cannot put the damn thing down.

where are you from dude (you don’t have to answer)

Elko, Nv!

Thats awesome for 1/2 months! I was that good when I was at like 4 months!

For 1.5 months, that’s honestly amazing. Keep practicing and you’ll be better than most of us in a year.

Also, sick camp cap.

Word bruddah! How you like playin this junk? Haha its addictive isnt it??? Lmfao was that an odd future track?

It was not! It’s a Captain Murphy track!

1.5 months? I was lucky to get through Split the Atom. :wink: What the heck, man???!?! I might have a bit more trick vocabulary (though you probably didn’t throw everything out there), but you’re already beating me at stringing elements together and I’m coming up on a year!

Just, wow. What’s with you crazy youngsters and your ability to learn at 10x the rate of old farts like me? Mind-blowing. :wink:

Great job, keep progressing like that and you’ll be at a high level not to long from now !

i think it might have to do with the fact that your brain is fully developed already. That doesnt mean you cant “learn” and intake data, i think it comes easier to the youngins cause theres more room for information XD hahahahhaaha

If I want new yoyo skills, I have to remove those piano lessons from my brain’s storage area. :-/ Dangit…

Do you plan on going to competitions and stuff??

One day when I get better i plan too!