one year of yoyoing!!

on july 10 2012 will mark my one year of yoyoing!! hhahaha ive had alot of fun. but sadley met noone els in person that yoyos. there is almost noone in oklahoma if u are hit me up and we can throw sometime haha

Good job on making it for a full year!

Already you are quite a way ahead of others who get inspired to try throwing and then give up shortly after. Good on ya for making it as far as you have!

As for others in Oklahoma, check the yoyo contest and events section of the forum, there may be others looking for fellow OK players as yourself. Or if you don’t see any, make a topic asking if any are around. I have a feeling that there would be others.

Good job on the throwing, and look forward to the future!


On June 27 th I reached one year. Keep on throwing!

Hey, I’m in OK & I’ve been yoyoing for almost a year. I’m looking for some contests. Any ideas?

Whenever people ask me how long I’ve been yoyoing, it’s hard to give them an answer because I’ve honestly forgot. It’s been less than a year but I can’t remember what month last year even…
But yeah. Congrats on the year! Hope there’s more to come!

This thread is almost two months old, check the date before you post please. You could make a new topic in the Contest subforum if you like. :slight_smile:

i just hit six months. congrats for your first full year. was it a good one?