One Week's Worth of Mail...

(J. Lev) #1

Can bring you some pretty killer stuff. I’m a huge fan, myself.

Yeah, I’m not the best photographer, but whatever.

Oxy IV
Throw Down Ronin
Milk 2%
EnV2 Cell Phone
Siliconed Projam
New York State Learner’s Permit


YAY it made it!!! So are you ready to trade me yet??? Paweez???

How’s that projam? Pretty nice for a projam eh?


awesome man, its awesome to get one yoyo in the mail but 5 is beyond awesome :wink:

(SR) #4

So awesome… you are lucky.

(J. Lev) #5

Yeah, it made it!

No, I’m not.

It needs silicone, of which I have none =/


I’ll trade you a DM for that learners permit.



I thought it said "One Week’s Worth of Jail…

Nice! Cool yoyos. I’m digging the Projam, it looks awesome.

(JonasK) #8

Envy and Oxy!!!


(Infinite Chaos) #9

LMAO!!! ;D

lol Good luck with that one :wink: