Got my Shutter today.

All I can say is thank you YYF and Gentry… Amazing yoyo at an even more amazing price. 44 bucks never blew my mind so much!

It’s so good! I love mine! Great price too! :slight_smile:

Did you pay a ton for shipping or something? Because mine isn’t scheduled to come until Tuesday (with USPS Priority)…and I preordered it…

They probably gave you the worst-case-scenario. I usually get my stuff through USPS in 3 or 4 days.
Where you live is also a big factor.

damn! i really want this yoyo! so jealous… wanted to wait for some reviews… but i think i´ll need to get this throw as my next purchase. but i gues 40 dollars aren´t a big deal… DAMN i want so many yoyos xD

i want this yoyo too…
but shiping to israel cost 30 $

I am getting mine on Monday. I can’t wait. Who here thinks it’s their favorite throw?

Same here, but my Shutter is already in Atlanta (I live near ATL), so it might get it sooner. But it might be because its Labor Day that they are sending them Tuesday

Yeah, it occurred to me last night that USPS doesn’t even operate on Monday this upcoming week…and they never operate on Sundays…so in other words, if it doesn’t come today, it will definitely come on Tuesday. Bummer…

EDIT: I tracked the package, and it is out for delivery!

Mine is “out for delivery”. I just gotta sit tight and it should be here anytime now.

(Are we creating too much ballyhoo, chomping at the bit like this?)

Mine is also out for delivery. Can’t wait!

Out for delivery as well, but I’m probably not gonna be home for a while so I can’t do the waiting for the mailman ritual.

Got my Shutter today as well. Threw it around for 30 minutes or so. Either there is a break-in period with this thing or I need to throw in a new bearing because mine has vibe right out of the box. Not saying it won’t vibe at all, but more than it should brand new.

Are shutters made in the US or China?

I was wondering this as well, it doesn’t say made in china in the pictures I have seen of the engravings. But I can’t see it being produced in the USA with that retail price.

Exactly what I was thinking. I’m assuming its US made being that it doesn’t say made in China so that may imply its made here in the states.

Dropped in a Center-trac… vibe disappeared.

Well this stinks! They did not deliver my Shutter today. Just a note saying I can come pick it up at the post office at my convenience. I deliberately stayed home so as to not miss the mailman so I know no one ever knocked on my door. Just left a note in the box saying “Sorry we missed you”. They simply did not want to walk up the stairs and knock on my door. I guess if I wanted it today I was to stand by the mailbox all day and wait for the mailman to come. Now my next opportunity to pick it up is next Friday. This stinks!

It’s waiting in my mailbox… but I’m not home… DAHHHHHHHH

Update, finally got to play my Shutter. The weird thing is that I got a Legendary John Higby card with the Shutter o.O