NEW stuff for my collection yaaayy mail


i got some neat stuff over the past few days. also a bassboost coming as well raw rulez

ps. the mint has no bearing because the silicone is still setting


you shall love the bassboost i do ;D
what is the one on the very right middle part of the tower?


how do you like the juvenile offender? i want one soooo bad

(Kyle V.) #4

The yoyo on the left in the second pic… is it just me, or does the yoyo look really bent? Like instead of the halves being like | |, they look like / .

It could just be the way the light was hitting it, but just had to ask lol

And also, what yoyo is that? It looks like it has a very interesting shape.

(Justin the JeeJaw) #5

it is bent, the bearing is not in there thats why

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #6



whats the bottom second to the right on the first picture?


That is an Agape.


Middle row all the way to the right? That’s a Flying Panda.

(Chase Baxter) #10

if you are talking about the trancluscent ones, i think they are peter fish yoyos, i think luminator


Well How is that Agape and the mint now?


i want you agape

curse you!


Actually, the blue translucent plastic is a Luminator, and the green one next to it is a Freehand 2. V.2, I believe.