One to Rule Them All

I was looking through my throws the other day and thought to myself “You know, I really need to quit buying these things and just play what I have.” I’m not great, or even good. I have more than enough to get me anywhere I’m likely to progress to. But one thing I don’t have is a really nice, high end throw.

So, to that end, looking for recommendations. Something undersize, drop dead pretty, and a joy to play. Something so good that I would never tire of and that will grow old gracefully. Something that, 5 years from now, I won’t look at and think “Wow, that’s so 2013.”

Think: if I could only have one throw

I would say the clyw puffin its so smooth it is bouncy on the string so its fun it feels light but its sooo stable its amazing and they just so happen to be making the puffin two after new years

What is your price range? If you want an undersized yoyo that looks pretty and plays good I would recommend a YYR Messiah or a Six, and you can get them for $75 right now on a different site. If you want I can PM the link to you. :slight_smile:

YoYoReCreation Blink

The Blink is a masterpiece. I prefer undersized throws as well, and this bad boy is the absolute pinnacle.
It is crazy smooth, stable, & lightning fast. If I could only throw 1 yoyo for the rest of my life, the Blink is hands down my choice.
If aesthetics are important to you, try to find a splashed version of the Blink. They are pretty rare and quite expensive (roughly $190.00 new), but perfection is never cheap.

Here is a picture of mine:

One thing to mention is that my Blink played horribly out of the box. I had to forcefully crack it open and clean the sealant off the axle. I also had to put it in the freezer to get the bearing out of the seat. The death grip was even stronger than YoYoFactory’s. The stock bearing was rough, loud, and responsive, and did not improve after break in and cleaning. It was a blessing in disguise, because the Twisted Trifecta bearing suits the Blink perfectly. I was also not a fan of the stock response system. It was a tad grippy for my taste. I prefer my throws to be absolutely dead unresponsive with a slight “lag” to the binds. I decided to go with thin IrPads for the response, and the difference was absolutely impressive.

So my suggestion is to get a YYR Blink with thin IrPads and a dry Trifecta bearing.

All Day, Every Day.

I would just go with the throw you like the best in your collection.
That is what I did in 2008. Still play with it as my main throw.
If you want a cooler looking one you can always get a different version of the same throw that looks cool, or get one anodized to your liking.
If you go at it like you are attempting you will only continue to buy more yoyos.

One Drop Project.

This. The Fades look great.

I’d just get a CLYW or a one drop or something haha, that rec rev looked cool

OG soda-blast looks very sharp.

Price isn’t my main concern, though past $150 it’s hard to justify.

I bought a Ralley recently (after a five year hiatus) and thought to myself “Holy crap plastics have come a long way!”

Looking to replicate that feeling (not necessarily that same throw) with a metal.