ONE of ONE Peak (official CLYW not custom) and more!

One of One prototype slip matte finish peak. only peak made with this finish and let me just say its amazing. NO VIB, smooth as butter. amazing yoyo. has two small marks on it. $240 (40 less than i payed)

(damage is shown in pictures)

I have a Teal with green splash Bass for sale, mint condition, OG packaging. Plays amazing, has some vib but it still plays amazing (i actually like the way if feels better) $70

Also for sale, mint blue campfire, only sold in Europe i believe. plays like a solid fullsize, absolutely awesome yoyo. $50

And lastly i got a mint Galactic Goose, for all the trash talk about these things I thought it wouldnt play well, but when i got it, turns out its dead smooth and spins for long times and is a real player in my book. great yoyo, comes with OG packaging. $75


something cool.

CLYW (besides sasquatch)
most yyf
crappy yoyos in general…

hi did u trade most of these

Please dont necro old bst’s. I personally know this guy and he doesn’t have any of these anymore and he rarely gods on the forums anymore

God dangit, sent him a pm for the 75$ mib goose and then saw this lol