One Month Vid

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You Guys Are Good For A MOnth

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Thank U Man


Nicely put Uncle Jemaya has improve a lot. I feel that Unclejemaya was better than LittleJemaya. The only thing that i think that made the video better was put a little more tricks. Make the Video atleast around 2 mins with tricks.


you guys are really good. i was about that good at six months. imagine what youre gonna be like at a year! btw, i have a little advice. try doing tricks in the sunlight more or something to make the string more visible. good job!


nice 8)

you are good for a month

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very good for 1 mont!

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Why do you say you’ve only been yoyoing for a month when you registered on yoyoexpert in July? No tto mention most people start yoyoing well before they register to a forum…

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I’m not 100% sure about this, but I talked to them and I think they said they made the video long before they posted it here.