One min one throw - bb.egg1330


Hope you like it


Pretty dang good! Can’t wait to be like that haha. Welcome to YYE btw :smiley:


Yet another thing I love about YYE forums…our fraternity brings together players from all around the globe to share.
I would like to echo DanishSauce, welcome to YYE. You’re pretty dogbone good.

Look at all the throws on the wall behind him. We sure don’t have any retailers in my neighborhood with that kind of inventory for sale.

Thanks for sharing.


Ah your from Vietnam! Neat. I just went there on a study tour schlorship :smiley:

Also, pretty nice :slight_smile:


Nice. You definitely have more skill than me!

Welcome to YYE, hope you enjoy yourself.


LOL, I’m not the one in this video. :)), I just want to share some clip of Vietnamese yoyoers. :D.


yeah man!!! my country is good!!! good job Egg


That clip is awesome. I really love it. :slight_smile:


He’s Egg, my bro, he’s awesome, he’s a vietnamese yoer