One Drop


So now that im a few months into yoyoing, im considering buying a high quality yoyo. Ive been looking into OD, but any suggestion is open. I feel its time to move up from my DV888 and DM2. So, if you have $150 to spend, what yoyo is best?


Go buy a fools gold clyw chief. You’ll spend $90 and be so happy!


Spyy El Ranchero.

You’re probably not going to hear this suggestion much because this is not a hugely hyped throw, but in my experience it beats the pants off of everything people are going to suggest.


Do they sell these on yye? Or can you link them?


If you’re going with One Drop, yeah, Fools Gold Chief all the way. The Fools Gold is their B-grade branding. The New Avalanche is really nice. Arctic Circle is pretty sweet too but I think that is above your budget.

If you’re going One Drop, Burnside, Code 2, Code 1, Cascade. Warning: Cascade is VERY different, but in a good way.

Plenty of other brands. Once you get over that $60 hurdle, almost anything is going to be pretty sweet. Even so, there’s plenty of sub-$50 throws that also play amazing.


Picked up a nickel cascade and it’s a blast to throw

If I had $150 I’d probly pick up another sOMEThING angle or superfly or a C3(any of them)


If you want OneDrop, it doesn’t get better than the Cascade. They are fantastic


My personal fave yoyo is the One Drop CODE1. Just plays perfectly for me. The CODE2 is also nice and many people even prefer it to the CODE1. The Burnside is also worth considering especially if you want to save some bucks, it’s all about performance but the lack of Side Effects makes it less interesting.

The Chief if a great throw but I feel CLYW are generally overpriced especially compared to One Drop. However the Fools Gold prices are reasonable. They’re available directly from the CLYW store. Can’t link it but Google is your friend.


Clyw Fools Gold can be found here
And here’s the El Ranchero