One Drop YoYos Official News

Way to go Z!!! Your videos are truly awesome.

Zammy won that! Kewl!!

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I just bought a Rewind Edition Cascade. CAN’T WAIT!

Please welcome Jordan Hacherl to the One Drop team!

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One drop!


I was just curious if you guys are doing a run of Anniversary Projects this November, and if so, what kind of price can be expected? I’d love to get my hands on one, especially if it’s clear soda blasted like past runs. :wink:

Yes we are and the price stays at the original price which is $86 :slight_smile:

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Awesome! And may I ask for a relative date? Early, mid, late november? Any thing helps guys, thanks! :slight_smile:

Going to be late November, maybe even early December.

Sounds perfect…Thanks for the feedback!


Any chance on another run of RSMs?

I know it’s hoping, but you did do the GZR line by customer request.

Thanks for those that said congrads at me on this thread. Really appreciate it.


Any restocks on red green or blue side effects?

Orange SE’s. They were gone in a heartbeat.

Jordan wasnt on the team before? What was he? I always saw him in videos with you guys and Paul dang and what not

Hey guys.

I REALLY want some:


and a pair of Stunt Pegs!

any chance on that?

I can make just about any color se’s you’d like with the powder coat.

What is your build-up tolerance?