One Drop Yo-Yos DownBeat

We wanted to return to the roots of the yo-yo and make one that was just about fun. A yo-yo that is happier going slow and taking it’s time. A yo-yo that prefers old school funk and drives a 1973 Van with thick stripes painted on it. A yo-yo that enjoys chilling out with it’s friends. A yo-yo that stands alone in your case. A yo-yo with this much soul can only be called The DownBeat.

Many yo-yos recently, including ones we make, are focused on competition and speed. This is a noble cause and one we’ll continue to pursue because pushing the limits of performance is important and desired.

This isn’t to say we sacrificed performance. The DownBeat comes with Side Effects, performs to modern standards, and spins as long as your favorite DJ. What’s different in the play is that it weighs 70 grams with Ultra Light Side Effects. It’s not getting any lighter than that groovy 70g but it can go heavier if you’re in need of extra chill. Its weight distribution is designed to slow your play down and we hope this slowness gives you the time to rediscover the joy of yo-yoing.

The yo-yo is big and curvy with a nice comfortable organic shape. The catch zone has machined 70s racing stripes that feel surprisingly good in the hand and create a new and refreshing look.

70 Grams. 70 Bucks.

It’s time to chill.



Base Weight: 67.50 grams
Shipping Weight: 70 grams (with aluminium Ultra Light Side Effects)
Width: 45.42 mm
Diameter: 56.77 mm
Stock Response: One Drop Flow Groove
Gap Width: 4.32 mm
Bearing Size: Large © stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
Finish: Pyramatte ™
Axle System: Side Effects™

Coming Soon


Really looking forward to this. Honestly was going to pass on it when it came out, the video, specs and that awesome write up you put together really changed my mind. Looking forward to getting this.

How soon is soon?

Just a few weeks. :slight_smile:

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woah, this looks cool!

How’s the Bi-Metal going? or the General-Yo collab?

Oh mah lawd this yoyo speaks to me.

As much as I love the racing stripe (a lot), isn’t it a weird choice for a yoyo designed to go slow?
Edit: I’d actually call those '80s racing stripes, since I’m on the subject of racing stripes

Yeah. How’s it goin?

I think this is going to fill a niche in the market. There are a lot of players that don’t have a lot of interest in playing super fast, seeing how many tricks they can hit in 15 seconds, those players are going to love this I think.

And I don’t think it’s designed to go slow, just make you slow down in your playing.

I do love my Nomad at 68g. What’s an extra 2g?

I want brown, orange, or a mixed halves with brown and either blue, pink, or orange.

$70 ain’t killin’ the wallet, either.

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I wasn’t knocking the play of the yoyo at all. In fact I think I will love it. I’m just nit picking

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Black for me, I’ve got a set of purple lightweight SE’s im going to throw on it ;D

The 70g ILYY Red Fury is a beast! An amazing throw and you’d never know it was as heavy as it is. I jumped when I saw these specs but then sunk in my seat when I saw the pics. No yellow? I’m not talking gold, I’m talking yellow. Always been my favorite color, but it’s so hard to find solid yellow yoyos out there. :-\
I’ll have to go with favorite color number 2 (half red half blue). Anyone want to swap halves?

Absolutely love the look of this one. I’m a fan of heavier throws so I definitely feel there’s a place in my collection for this fella, especially at $70. Onedrop are once again showing that they make yoyos across a wide spectrum of shapes and sizes to fit everyone’s preferences. ;D

Now comes the tricky part… colour choice… I’m really liking the look of that blue one myself, but Aaron’s idea of black w/ coloured side effects sounds pretty epic as well. Decisions decisions… ???

Im already wanting to trade halves. What cool combos would you like? Im thinking any combos of green purple and orange.

It looks really nice. I like the idea of slowing your play down and what not. To many of the competitors go way to fast, it looks like they’re trying to do some kind of Houdini escape the trapped door crap where none of it comes out looking right. I understand that this is the competition realm’s evolutionary path of Yoing, it just looks dumb.

That red one with some black ultralights is calling my name though. ;D

So, that 3rd pic… is that Brown or Black? I’m really hoping its brown cause that would be awesome.

I like a heavier yoyo, tried it and can’t get enough! Super laid back but really playable, loving the downbeat!