New One Drop DOWNBEAT Release! And Huge Restock!

We got a bunch of new One Drop in recently including the newest addition to their lineup! The Downbeat!


From One Drop:
“We wanted to return to the roots of the yo-yo and make one that was just about fun. A yo-yo that is happier going slow and taking it’s time. A yo-yo that prefers old school funk and drives a 1973 Van with thick stripes painted on it. A yo-yo that enjoys chilling out with it’s friends. A yo-yo that stands alone in your case. A yo-yo with this much soul can only be called The DownBeat.”

Many companies recently, including One Drop themselves, have been focused on creating competition yo-yos with crazy speed and performance. Now don’t take this the wrong way, throwing these ultra high performing speedsters is an amazing feeling, but what do you do when you just want to chill out and relax for a bit?

Well, you pick up the new One Drop DownBeat!

One Drop isn’t saying fast yo-yos are bad, and they sure as heck didn’t sacrifice any level of performance when designing the DownBeat, but sometimes you just want to take it slow – And thats where the Downbeat shines! Weighing in at 70 grams with the stock Ultra Light Side Effects, this laid back throw was designed for comfort, not speed. And don’t be afraid of that extra heft, embrace it! Once you give the DownBeat a throw and feel its beautiful weight distribution you will rediscover the joy of yo-yoing!

At 70 grams with 70′s racing stripes the DownBeat may not be the quickest, but this groovy heavyweight will quickly become your new go-to throw!

Releasing March 25 @ 8PM EST!

[b]GRADIENT:[/b] [i]Broken Heart & Desert Sand![/i]

[b]54:[/b] [i]Partly Cloudy & Ghost Rain[/i]

[b]Format: C:[/b] [i]Ayame[/i]

[b]Benchmark Series:[/b] [i]Watercolor[/i]

[b]Markmont. Classic:[/b] [i]Desert Sand[/i]

Is it normal that I can actually add the Downbeat to my cart before the timer even runs out?

EDIT: NVM y’all fixed that ;D

I love what the Downbeat represents, I definitely feel like there’s a place for it in my collection. I look forward to grabbing one, putting a bit of Zero 7 on the ipod and letting it all just flooooow.

That being said, now it all comes down to the choice of colour. I am liking the blue, but I’ve been really favouring black yoyos lately… oh the choice… :-X

So when is the restock coming i like that brown one … mmm cant wait to throw this . One Drop hit the spot with this one i realized after seeing that they released this throw that my last three buys have been all competition “Ready” .

I got to throw the down beat at a meat up it was awesome I wish I could get one

Looks like a real nice and comfortable throw. I really like that a company actually took a step aside from all the competition style yoyos and made one just to kick back and relax while throwing. As always OD, nice work doing it for us! Keep up the great work!

Just got an early restock! More Red, Black, Orange, and Pink DownBeats now available!

…sadly no more BrownBeats yet. :frowning:


I’m so glad that has caught on. ;D

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lol I laughed when it said *except brown

I think the Downbeat idea was good, a 70g yoyo with light side effects so it has more weight on the rims, but judging from the final result it looks like it doesn’t have massive rims so the total moment of inertia should be something like a markmont. classic. I think the Markmont classic with heavier side effects already had the same effect as the Downbeat but with a better design (no ripples in the catchzone, less landing tilt). Both exploit the same organic shape “chill”, I think the Downbeat is kinda redundant for this reasons.

I’m with you Z. That and color choices are why I’m not getting one.

Meanwhile, where is a new school 50mm? Thought about Y Factor but I don’t like the wall and again color choices. I’m too particular I think. :slight_smile: