One Drop Yelets - Thunderbolt colorway

Got this one in the mail today! Sorry about the glare; for some reason I couldn’t find an angle that eliminated it…
anyway, here it is… Left or Right?

If you happen to know what the colorway is called comment it. I’m just curious.
thanks Mr.wIerdHObBies3

I like left, but I like when the color of the side effects are completely separate from the splash color on the body, i.e. right side.

I voted left for the same reason. Nice post, and pretty yo-yo. Let’s see if anyone can help with the name of the colorway.

Left. I don’t know the name of the colorway though.

When spinning, this yoyo looks interesting also. The left side rim has more yellow and takes on a gold look, while the right looks silver.

The color way is called thunderbolt.

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I image googled “one drop thunderbolt colorway” and got a yelets in the same colors as mine! Nice, thanks. The googled one looked cooler though :confused: lol

The left looks better due to the blue acidwash right through the middle!