2 Sick Yoyos - Gambit - Supercharged

Which side should I display in my case, left or right? Vote in the poll above, or comment your vote. Please let me know if this colorway had a name, and I’ll modify the post title.

Gambit by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

Left, I don’t know why I like it more its just more appealing to me for some reason.

I agree, the right has that blank spot at 9:00, that doesn’t sit right with me. That neat thing in it’s hub kinda looks like a frog with an extra leg. :smiley:

Definately agree with the left. Great distribution of splash right there. :smiley:

^Better take his word for it
No one knows this yoyo better than him

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The colourway is “Supercharged”. I’mma go with the left.

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This was a really hard choice but…I went right I like the smaller dashes of yellow splash more than the thicker ones on the left.

Yes Colorway is Supercharged as GregP said!

I really like the splashes my anodizer does and splash is uniform on them all so its hard to decide but I would have to go with the left. The odd O in the middle catches my eye for some reason.

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He did a great job. I have to say, that the “O” was definitely an attraction as well. It catches the eye, and your eyes just stop and try to figure out what it reminds you of. It almost looks like the tab on a soda can. :smiley:

I changed the colorway name too, all set now.

i like the right more,im holding my supercharged gambit right now XD,and its supercharged for the San diego chargers,My team btw ,also why joey made acandlestick colorway,for Candelstick Park which was the San Fransisco 49er’s former stadium,which the last game was played in the 15th week of last season. Also known for its memorable football moments.Anyways i like the right XD,but its indeed a beautiful yoyo and one of my fav throws. If anybody knows of a person who has a supercharged queen i need it for my gambit and my supercharged pride


I accidentally hit left, I actually wanted to vote right. Don’t think I can change my vote though.

You can change the vote anytime in the next 24 hours or so. I edited the poll to allow you to do so. :slight_smile: