One Drop Cascade - Vilmos Zoltan Kiss Colorway

Finally I have something worthy of the splash game! :smiley: What do you think?

That is certainly worthy. I went with the left…more of that yellowish green that really makes it “pop.” We’ll even leave the A and B sides on this one. :wink: Definitely a nice post! Thanks.

I chose the left side because the colors are more even.

Should I not have put the letters A/B?

It’s a left/right thing, but that’s okay, this one can remain as is…people get the gist. I think you specified the A and B were left and right at the top anyway. :wink:

Ok. I’ll remember that next time. I don’t really think of a yoyo having a right or left side since it’s always turning, but I guess the pic doesn’t turn! Haha