One Drop x Toxic Strings Presents The T1! Releasing 4/23 @ 10am EST!


The Newest Collaboration Yo-Yo is From One Drop and Toxic Strings and it’s For a Really Great Cause! This T1 Releases Tomorrow @10am EST!

Toxic Strings and One Drop YoYos have come together and created a new yo-yo called the T1 with the purpose of helping out Trevan Evans with his medical expenses. Trevan, aged 2, is the son of Evan and Angie Evans who own Toxic Strings and he was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (hence the name T1) . This has been a life altering event for the Evans family emotionally, logistically and financially. Proceeds from the sale of every single T1 yo-yo will go towards helping them out with Trevan’s medical expenses.

It is so cool how collaborations create results that wouldn’t happen any other way. The T1 is no exception. It is a large, fun, floaty and wide yo-yo with a unique ridged catch zone. Evan was always a fan of the “Projection Profile” found in some One Drop yoyos like the Project, but wanted to take them in a new direction with larger grooves. This gives the T1 a really unique look and feel. The play is stable and the wide catch zone inspires confidence.

This is a great yo-yo with a great cause!


YES been waiting for this now i want even more!!! cant wait!!!


I’m calling dibs on the black! So no one better buy the black before me. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m gonna buy up all the black ones now! Haha!


Lol its gonna go outta stock
like wooly marmont 2 :smiley:


Maybe I knew you would do that and I am really getting the red? Muwhahaha!

I will get one if they are still around when I wake up tomorrow. I have a feeling that they might be gone by then. >:(