One Drop x Toxic Strings T1: A High Speed YoYo Review


The best objects in the world are not the prettiest, shiniest, or newest but the ones that tell the best stories. These are the objects that we hold most near and dear to our hearts. A perfect example of this would be the vase full of copper roses on my wife’s computer desk. They may look like a simple metal sculpture to everyone else but they have a story that makes them one of my wife’s most cherished items. The first rose I gave her was one of the first things that I ever bought her when we started dating. Every year since, whenever we visit the Ohio Renaissance Festival I go and get another rose and every year, even though she knows one is coming, I find some way of surprising her with it or… with them if life happens and we have missed a year.

The One Drop X Toxic T1 is another excellent example of how an object tells a story. In this case the story is how great the yo-yo community as a whole is. The story of the T1 starts with a 2-year-old boy by the name of Trevan Evans. He was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Trevan’s parents, Angie and Evan Evans, happen to be regulars in the yo-yo community and own the company Toxic Strings. When the diagnosis was discovered it became readily apparent to the Evans family that their life was going to change. The medical bills were going to mount and life was going to change drastically for young Trevan. In steps One Drop who came up with the idea of collaborating on a yo-yo with Toxic with the kicker of this collaboration being that a healthy portion of the proceeds from the sales of this yo-yo is going to the Evans family to cover Trevan’s medical expenses. As I said, the best objects tell the best stories and that is one heck of a story. The great part is that this is not the first time I have heard a story like this in the yo-yo industry. The community is rife with stories of members and companies helping out charities and now we can add another about the coming to the aid of one of our own who has a family member in need.

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Are you gonna review the Co-Lab?


I’m gonna try. :slight_smile:


What about the wooly marmot 2??


I really want this yoyo, looks like a great yoyo, for a great price, and a great cause.


I really recommend this one. I thought I would have a problem with the width, but even thought it is wider than my Summit, I prefer the T1 lately. It has better stability and it has a great fun and relaxed feel to it. Plus, you gotta love the support you’ll be giving to a worthy cause.