Fundraiser for the owner of Toxic Strings.

Ok… Now that I have the ok… Please take the time out to read. Titled, “Helping one that helps us throw.”
I have created a fundraiser for the owner of Toxic Strings, Evan Evans. This is going toward him and his family to help pay for the medical expenses of his son, Trevan, who has diabetes. As you know diabetes is a life long disease/illness. They found out he had diabetes before he was even 2 years old. Most of us know how much medical expenses can be. Evan Evans is a really nice person and as a community we should look out for each other. Evan Evans has been doing good within the yoyo community as the owner of Toxic Strings. I mean, I love his work and I know most of you do. I know the yoyo community has been good to me. The yoyo community has somewhat restored my faith in humanity. I love this community. Anyways, I want Evan to know that even though we don’t know him personally, we care and want to help. Plus I have a major soft spot for ill kids. Even if you don’t have money to donate, time to spread the word to raise money is highly appreciated as well. Any kind of help is appreciated. This is my first time doing this so any feedback is welcome as well… Well, take a look at the webpage I created for more information. Help me help a major figure in our yoyo community. We are one!

Even if you can’t really donate but want to buy a yoyo, Pulsefire is donating money for ever yoyo that is sold by them. $5 for ever raw yoyo and $10 for every anodized yoyo sold. Thanks to Pulsefire for that agreement. Check out what they have at

Thanx for reading and any help in advance… :slight_smile:


G2 said they will donate 15% for any yoyo bought before the Super Bowl… Buy them up if you want them… Or just donate $5 or something… Even spread the word… Anything helpful is appreciated… This is for Evan Evans and his family…


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