Just Got My T1


I got Blue [: What did you get?


I got black. :slight_smile: I was tempted by the clear and green also. I don’t have a black throw yet though. I also picked up some brass SE. ;D


Picked up a Green T1 :slight_smile:

Along with some other stuff.


Picked up a Purple T1 and some side effects with that also :D!


I picked up orange, only one so far haha. Really thought about getting black but I don’t have an orange throw yet and thought it went with the biohazard/toxic theme the best. Excited to throw it! ;D

Picked up some string and a few classics too. Hope you guys aren’t buying side effects for the T1. :wink:


This is exactly what I was about to ask…


You mean my T1 can’t use side effects?!


They are for my 54, Yelets, and Sakura SE.

I had been wanting them but didn’t want to ship just side effects.


Had to get that purple, looks so nice.


If you are talking about me, I got them for my summit not my T1 lol :smiley:


I got me the clear
Im liken the way clear looks
n some toxic dragon string :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone for picking up a T1!! This will help out Trevan so much.


I’m sure you have your string preferences already, but I’ve found pink string looks great on black yoyos and I’m sure the T1 would be no different!


The man himself!

“Tahnk yu ebybuddy!” - Trevan


That’s awesome!

I will try to get some Toxic String for it in the future. :slight_smile: I want to try the Toxic Snakes when they are back in stock. :slight_smile:

Da5id this was such a cool project we had to help out!

(Erik Kerber ) #15

This was such a cool idea, And it all was for a worthy cause. I wish I had been able to pick one of these up. :frowning:


you still can. I plan to… need to sell some things first… too many throws right now


they’ll be gone tomorrow yo

(Erik Kerber ) #18

Yea and theres no way I can get $80 by then. But good luck collecting money for Trevan.


Man, reminds me of my son…

hmmm… maybe a clear one is in my future tonight.


Picked up the orange, Best wishes to Trevan and his Parents, God Bless.