One Drop x Toxic Strings Just Released Some GREAT Looking T1 Colors!

One Drop x Toxic Strings Just Released the T1 in Some Really Cool New Player Signature Colors!

No R.U.G. (left) & Marionberry (right):
Pancakes (left) and Melon Candy (right):

A Great Yo-Yo and a Great Cause!

Oooh. Pretty. Do you know if there will be any new colors in the one drop gradient?

We did just get some new Gradients in as well, there will be a post about them later today but if you go to the Gradient page the pictures are all up!

Black Smoke, Partly Cloudy, Ayame, Hair Band, Dino Warrior, and Jurassic Squad!

Nice! Now I have to choose between the T1 and the Gradient…which one do you like better??

Both play great and will be pretty floaty, considering they both have Cascade type weight distribution. You can’t beat the great cause that the t1 is based from. The gold one looks good.