One Drop Week at the Museum


All week at the Museum of Yo-Yo History we’ll be posting new One Drop exhibits starting with the Project -

We will also be publishing a new “History of One Drop” article, and giving away a Benchmark H (the one in the Museum). Just tweet using the hashtag #onedropweek and we’ll randomly pick someone at the end of the week.

A big thanks to Paul Dang for photographing the historical One Drop pieces to match the Museum style!


I’m on it!


That’s a wrap on #OneDropWeek, you have until tonight to tweet with that hashtag for a chance to take home a Benchmark H from the Museum collection. Big thanks to everyone that followed and retweeted us during the week, and huge thanks to Paul Dang for his photographic skills and everyone at One Drop for being a part of it. Every yo-yo One Drop have sold is now in the Museum, which company will step up next?


Where/when will the winner be announced?


Sorry I never updated this thread - the winner was announced on Twitter last Saturday, @TMagester was the lucky recipient of the Benchmark H.