one drop t1


hey guys
putting the whole medical bills story aside, is the t1 worth the 80 dollars, and should I just get the recrev silly goose and maybe severe/ northstar glow or any other good combo similar


I love my T1. It’s smooth and floaty and just really fun to throw. It definitely competes just fine with other throws in the price range. The good cause is just an added bonus.

So yes, if you’re looking for a very smooth, floaty throw, the T1 is a great choice.



The T1 is awesome! It is definitely worth the price. I like it better then the Summit and Cliff that I had. For me, at least, the wait distribution and profile are just about perfect!


Would get a YYO Musket over the silly goose but the T1 is a nice throw as well. You’ve always got the options of the other great budget metals.


pls some more examples :slight_smile:


Well you also could consider the Bebop for $70 which is amazing

There’s also:
Level 6
86400 (kinda big but loads of fun)
Octave (my favorite of the recrevs)
Too Hot
YYO Lava which is their other new throw that just got released
YYO Hatchet (this is their currently most popular throw I’d say)

There’s also some seriously amazing plastics like the crazy d, addiction, and rally


Plus +1 on the T1, I think its great!