One drop rally hub/axle replacement?

I recently bought a Rally, supposedly mint with box from someone on Yoyoexpert, but lo and behold, its super vibey. Even after reducing the vibe with my hand and many many perfect sleepers later.

After some inspection I realized the bearing was somewhat crap. Looked like a failed shield removal. I replace the bearing with a new 10 ball and vibe still exists. Closer inspection reveals that the non axle hub sits very loose when screwing back onto the axle. It rocks left and right. The threads of the axle dont seem like they are snug to the non axle hub at all. The axle hub feels solid and tight.

Im wondering if the previous owner over tightened the yoyo, damaging the hub in the process. I dont think he bent the axle from impacts, since there were no marks on the rims of the yo yo.

Currently the hubs do pop out with a slight push. I know they are not supposed to do this.

long story short,

Does any one know where to get just the axle and hubs for Rallys? Really liking this throw and would hate to let it go unused due to this vibe.

My guess is no one is selling just a hub. You can buy the axle at the hardware store. It’s just a stock set screw. You can tighten up the threads with teflon plumbers tape.

Contact one drop, they are very helpful!

Is that their email?


Actually both emails work. :slight_smile: