One Drop Pyrmatte finish vs Clyw 2014 Gruntbull finish


How does the One Drop pyrmatte finish horizontal finger grind compared to the Clyw 2014 Gruntbull finish?

Thanks in advance



(my humble opinion)


Yeah I have a lots of clyw but I am not sure how the one drop finish horizontal finger grind compared to clyw


You do know that 2014 CLYWs are Pyramatted before the Gruntbull finish, right? But what do you mean by horizontal finger grind? Like a fingerspin?


yeah a finger spin


If your fingerspin is on a fingernail, it won’t matter. They both have low friction in that regard.

Gruntbull’s blast is superior to pyramatte… I really don’t dig pyramatte all that much despite LOVING One Drop overall. But for a horizontal fingerspin on a fingernail? Doesn’t matter. Your more important consideration is the yoyo itself and if it’s suitable for that style of play. Doesn’t strike me that either company has a particularly stellar fingerspin yoyo.


^ This. Most Onedrops come with side effects so aren’t exactly adapted for finger spins, and most CLYW either have a hub nipple or concave cup area so aren’t particularly suited either.

If you want a fingerspin specific yoyo, there are better choices out there. Yoyofactory Horizon for example. :slight_smile: