One Drop Dingo w/ side effects

I just figured I’d post a couple pics of a One Drop Dingo I modded for Side Effects. I have thought about doing this for a while and have looked online for it to have been done before, but I couldn’t find any pics of one. I did have to mod the Side Effects as well to get a proper fit, but all in all it turned out great and has virtually no vibe.

Anyway, I just figured someone here might like to see it so here it is!


Nice work! Would love to see more work-in-progress shots or exploded photo.


That’s one hot Dingo!!! :fire::fire::fire:

I have one with stacks as well but not done w/ side effects.
Dead smooth!

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Thanks for your interest guys! I’ll taker her apart later and take some pics to better detail the process. It wasn’t to hard, just time consuming since I used a few small rounded hand files to do it instead of power tools. The same process I used should work on any of the brass press-fit nut style One Drop’s like the first gen Dingo I used for this. I actually just found another couple Dingo’s today under a dresser that I thought I lost over a year ago. One is the same as the blue one I used for this mod, but has some dings as it was my “getting back into yo-yo” throw and what I learned to bind on. The other is a nickel plated one. I was thinking about trying trying to hubstack one next.

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How did you go about doing the stacks?

Stack posts like YYF

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